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Our 22-acre, all-cabernet vineyard was planted in 2000. Planting commenced after extensive soil testing revealed
rocky soils ideal for growing high-quality cabernet.

The vineyard was designed to maximize the potential our land offered. We chose row direction and vine spacing to take advantage of the cooling afternoon breezes that the Livermore Valley enjoys. We then planted seven different rootstock/clone combinations, which intensify the depth and complexity of our wine. The process was completed with the installation of a state-of-the-art drip irrigation and a modern trellis system.

The vineyard is professionally managed with meticulous care by Bryan Rahn and Michael Princevalle of Coastal Viticultural Consultants, with help from Bill and Sandy who moved into their new home on the property in 2006.

The rocky soils, vineyard design and meticulous management result in our ability to produce fruit of the highest quality. Combined, these factors allow us to take advantage of optimal sun exposure. We can grow smaller berries on well-balanced vines, which results in wines rich with intense flavors and color.
As our acclaimed winemaker Derek Holstein frequently reminds us, it takes great grapes to make great wine!

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